Thursday, May 29, 2008

Creating Balance - Balancing Our Yin & Yang Energy - Creating Balance The Feminine Revolution In Men By Marc Lerner

The famous yin-yang symbol represents a complete person. The yin is the feminine and the yang is the masculine qualities, when balanced creates a complete person. In the Feminine Revolution women are developing the yang within them and manifesting. That makes a woman a complete person which qualifies them to participate in society equal with men.

Now to complete the Feminine Revolution men have to become whole people by developing the yin within them selves. Unfortunately when men think of developing feminine qualities they immediately translate it into a sexual context. And resist because they relate it to becoming gay.
Adding yin in a spiritual context balances the yang and makes them a whole person, like the ladies mentioned above. Unfortunately we live in a sexual context to everything. A spiritual perspective is a path where you complete yourself as you approach an Ultimate Power. .. both men and women have to do that.

When two complete people come together they can share a love that isn't dependant only on the other person; but their Ultimate connection is included. How ever you mentally define Ultimate, it means the reality that exists beyond your thinking mind and can not be limited to a belief system.

A society that has people who value the whole person, a balance yin-yang combination within every person, is a spiritually balanced society. Spiritual without the limitations created by religion; manifests beyond personal limitations. This would have profound affect on how that society dealt with health issues, relationship issues, and education.

The whole person is in-dependant and needs to find how to connect to the Wisdom of their Body instead of just relying on thinking. That is a natural result of a balanced yin-yang relationship and has profound affects on the quality of life and how one manifest in society.

Enter a Tele-seminar to learn how to connect to the Wisdom of your Body. Go to to enroll in a Tele-seminar. Learn to develop this natural wisdom within everyone. Be complete & manifest at your potential in health and every aspect of life. Learn the skills needed to go beyond just thinking and intellect and connect to the Wisdom of your Body at your Center where you have powerful inner resources. Going beyond your thoughts requires what I call life skills that may have been compromised as you grew up. These skills still exist within you but may have to be fine tuned to be supportive.

This Tele-seminar meets once a week for a month and develops 4 life skills; a positive self image, self trust a way of avoiding negative thinking and how to connect to your Center immediately. These skills take you beyond thinking and connect you to the Wisdom of your Body. (c) Marc Lerner 2008

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