Friday, May 2, 2008

The Law of Opportunity by Jesse Sherer

"When you are unconditionally ready for something, it WILL make its appearance known."

Pablo De Leon - Revision of famous saying
Do the Opportunities that present themselves in our lives do so out of pure chance, or do they adhere to immutable law? Why does opportunity seem to favor some individuals and flee from others? The answer to these questions lies within a concept myself and friend Pablo De Leon have described as the Law of Opportunity.

Interestingly the great opportunities in our lives seem to arise out of thin air. Think back to a time when something significant happened in your life. Imagine the people, circumstances, and ideas that came together to create this opportunity. Think of how each one of those elements must have been cultivating for some time to create the necessary fundamental structure necessary for the opportunity. These seemly random forces converging together may seem to have occurred out of pure chance. However, a deeper inspection reveals that these events have not happened on pure accident but rather by the rising of a collective and powerful consciousness.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction basically states that our dominating thoughts create our destiny. The law of attraction operates on a personal level. Only you can control your own thoughts. Let us imagine two people are seeking different results contradictory to one another. Let's say for example I claim a piece of land and want to construct an apartment building there. Another person with equal claim to the piece of land and equal amount of desire wishes to build a park. How then can the law of attraction bring about the desired result for both people? The law of opportunity finds the answer to the question.

All opportunity comes from the Infinite Source of Power and Intelligence the grand designer of the universe and the only creative energy in the universe. The law of opportunity does not make the law of attraction obsolete, but rather connects the web of time, attraction, the individual, and the community. We cannot create opportunity, but we can align ourselves to be ready for the opportunity. Opportunity will readily make it self- available to the one whom is unconditionally ready for it.

How then do we make ourselves ready for opportunities to be handed to us? To unconditionally ready for a thing implies two distinct properties.

1. Intent: Along the lines of the law of attraction we must intend for this opportunity to manifest.

2. Awareness: We must be completely aware of our own Being and connection with everything else. Awareness of this fact will bring about opportunity we may have not known existed. In the realm of Being, opportunities are spontaneously created and anything is possible.
When these two properties are combined through conscious living, you will align yourself with law of opportunity. The act of doing this will create opportunities around every corner. It will allow you to see the interconnectedness of people, objects, and events.

Jesse Sherer is an entrepreneur and specializes in helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Read other articles about entrepreneurism, and self-improvement

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