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How Can Intuition Help My Business? by Joan Marie Whelan

Some of today's brilliant movers and shakers can attribute strategic business intuition to their successes - and so can you! With little or no effort at all, our intuition can give us clues and positive inclinations as to what important steps to take in achieving both our personal and professional goals.

In a recent interview [1] conducted by CNN, computer giant, Bill Gates attributes much of his business success not alone to his innovative staff, but by trusting his intuition to make strategic business moves. If Bill Gates can achieve the financial freedom and continual business success by relying on intuition, can you imagine the potential that you too, can achieve by following through on your own innate wisdom?

Songwriter/Singer Jewel clearly defined her professional career by creating some of her unique chart-topping songs of today. More recently, her song, "Intuition," hit number five on pop charts. Her lyrics [2] reveal how she achieved pop-star status; especially in her third stanza where she sings, "Follow your heart, your intuition, it will lead you in the right direction..." Words have never been truer.

It is your thoughts and intuition, which often lead you to pursuing specific dreams and careers; this is also why it is so important that you heed your gut feeling when it tells you it's time to move forward in life. Remember, too, that intuition is merely your counsel - you must follow through by initiating the action to manifest your life dreams.

Whether your intuition comes to you through an "ah-a" moment; or you mind's eye gains an inspirational message through nature, an event, from your heart, or even a simple thought, it's time to listen and pay attention to it. Planning your destiny and fulfilling your professional benchmarks can definitely be achieved when you let your expert intuition be your guide to success.

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How can Intuition help my Business?
By Joan Marie Whelan

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