Wednesday, April 9, 2008

25 Winning Principles for Self Development by Marenda Hughes

Considering no one is perfect it is fair to say that there is always room for improvement. We all have strengths, weaknesses, and areas in which we can improve. Successful happy people continuously seek growth and development opportunities because they know that improving self is a key factor to improving life. If you are unhappy with certain aspects of your life, if you are not where you want to be, if you are stressed, depressed, or uncertain about your life direction self development is your first step towards positive and productive change. Begin using these 25 winning principles for self-development to see real change right away.

1. Set goals for yourself.
2. Commit your goals to paper.
3. Expect to be successful.
4. Ask for what you want.
5. Be decisive.
6. Accept responsibility for your life and your actions.
7. Proactively seek opportunities to learn and grow.
8. Make it a point to learn from key experiences.
9. Seek the lesson in any failures, mistakes, and setbacks.
10. Look for the good in every situation.
11. Seek feedback.
12. Accept constructive criticism.
13. Adapt to changes.
14. Find ways to Effectively manage stress.
15. Balance work, personal, and family life.
16. Work effectively with little or no supervision or direction.
17. Meet commitments.
18. Face fears and challenges head on.
19. Believe in yourself.
20. Refuse to compromise.
21. Follow and trust your intuition.
22. Be confident.
23. Be persistent and never give up.
24. Don’t hold grudges. Forgive, forget, and let go.
25. Go the extra mile.

A solid commitment to self-development lays the foundation to living life abundantly. Everyone wants to be prosperous, happy, and fulfilled, it all begins and ends with self-development.
About the author: Marenda Hughes Taylor is Chief Operating Officer of 1st Love Records, a living life abundantly Motivator, and an Internet Business Owner.

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