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The Hypnotized Brain - Self Esteem And Negative Thinking by Michael McGrath

Are you dogged by nagging thoughts of self doubt? Does negative thinking form a part of your life and hinder your ability to gain what you want? Every one of us have thoughts of negativity inclusing you. Did you know that these feelings of unworthiness and these negative thoughts stop you from living life on your terms?

If you are a person who finds it hard to get through the day without experiencing negative thoughts and emotions that cripple your ability to interact and make sound clear decisions then you know how harmful allowing these negatives to remain can be.

It is proable though that you are just an average person who is neither very positive nor very negative. You are most likely to be the type of person who feels neither good nor bad most of the time yet can get bogged down in negativity as the world and circumstances push against you.
The purpose of this article is to show you that you can eliminate these negative from your life and free your mind so that you can enjoy every moment and make decisions that are beneficial to your chosen life path without the hindrance of negative emotions and thoughts which usually guide you.

It is a great misconception amongst the majority of people that we have no control over our thoughts and emotions. They believe that negative thoughts and stressful emotions are a normal part of life. However, this could not be further from the truth.
Your brain is just like a computer. It needs software to run it and the software that it uses comes in the form of beliefs. Beliefs are just a collection of thoughts grouped together to form a picture of yourself and the world.

There are programs which are hot-wired in your brain designed to keep you safe like your fear of sudden bangs for example., however most of the programming that you have was amassed over your lifetime. There are many programs that your mind runs which are beneficial to you and keep you safe - you will automatically pull your hand away when it is placed near fire for instance. However, many of these programs are extremely negative and to the detriment of your success and happiness. You may have a mental program that stops you from trying different things. Perhaps you gained this program when you were younger and you were around very negative people who belittled you efforts and therefore you found it easier to not try. This program would have served you well while you were young and in that environment. However, as an adult such a program would severely limit your ability to move on in life and enjoy new experiences.

When you begin to identify and then remove the negative programming from your mind you will experience rewards in your life that you never dreamed were possible. In addition the freedom you experience in your own mind and body will allow you to enjoy each moment and be more present in the moment without the internal negative dialogue that has followed you around to this point.

The main reason behind negative thoughts lies in your self-esteem. Low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth lead to self doubt and fear. The key to removing all negativity from your life lies in your ability to love yourself and others unconditionally. Learning to improve your self-esteem is the one skill that you need to create success in any and all areas of your life. Disapproving of yourself and withholding self-approval is the main reason behind all your failure.

When you experience self doubt or fear you can always trace the reason back to a lack of self-worth. Re-read the last sentence then give it some real thought. Can you not see how true it is!
If you analyse all your negative thoughts and trace them back to their roots you will find that they lie in a belief that you are not good enough or unworthy in some way. By tacking the problem of negative thinking and negative emotions at their root ' low self-esteem ' you can lessen their effect at worst and totally eliminate them at best.

Begin today to forgive yourself for past mistakes and let-go of any regrets you may have. View your past as a path to the person you are today. In this way you can begin to become not only tolerant of your past but eventually you will become thankful for it. If you make a mistake in your life be gentle with yourself. Remove the habit of berating yourself. The world is filled with people who will do that for you, why should you be one them?

Practise forgiving yourself. Practise giving yourself approval ' it's just a decision. Decide now that you will no longer tolerate internal criticism. It is you that has your mind and it is you that thinks your thoughts. No-one else does it for you so therefore you have complete control over your mind and your thinking! Exercise that control today.

Recall all the wonderful things that you have done in life and congratulate yourself for the progress you have made. Many people don't make it as far as you have. Seek out tools to help you reprogram your mind for high self-esteem. Try hypnosis. You have been hypnotized into believing that you are unworthy of success and happiness so re-hypnotize yourself with the opposite.

With increased self esteem comes more self confidence and a deeper feeling of self worth. 80% of all communication is non-verbal so you will find that other people begin to react to you in a more positive way as you unconsciously project a better self image which reflects your feelings of self worth and confidence. You will also find your life begins to improve in ways you would not have thought possible. Try it, you may just be surprised!

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