Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Success with Positive Mentors by Anthony Hosking

You know the world is full of those people that will always knock what you try to do, I call them the dream stealers because that what they do. They seem to think they know better than you what is good or bad for you, instead of getting on with their own lives. But folks we all have our own lives to live and live it we must. For many years, in fact most of my life I have been attracted to positive people and have found my life has been better for it. I have never had a goal or a dream never come true for me, because I have never listened too the dream stealers. I have made is a point to always develop a burning desire to reach what I reach out for.

I have found it very beneficial to have a Mentor to guide me, an have found that by giving we also receive. I give lots of motivational talks live on the internet, but more than anything I love to help other realise there dreams as well. I do not sell anything but myself, that is my payment back to the universe for the blessing I have received in my own life. I am always very pleased to hear from anybody that need to a little helping hand. I feel that many people need a little push in the right direction.

Millions of people come onto the internet, with the intention of making money online, the truth is how many end up broke. This a very sad affair but it is a fact of life, I feel that if these people could have a mentor to guide them in the right direction. I would love to hear any feedback and just possibly I might be able to help who knows. This not a sales letter as I do not charge for my services, I give it freely.

Anthony Hosking (Mr Motivator)

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