Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuning-In to Intuition by Michael Imani

Intuition is knowledge or perception which comes from the heart and is not filtered by the head. English journalist and author, Holbrook Jackson (1874-1948) once described intuition as ‘reason in a hurry.’ Intuitive decisions are often correct and you may already employ your intuition without realizing or valuing it.

One of the more important things I have discovered as a coach relates to why people don't get or have what they want in their lives. The answer about 20% of the time relates directly to the fact that they simply don't trust themselves nor theirintuitive sense or higher wisdom or that little voice.

You can tell when your intuition strikes because you will feel inspired, and obvious answer may suddenly present itself, there will be a feeling of unison and your insight may reach beyond the realm of logic.

While you may already recognize your intuition as a hunch or an inkling or that gut feeling in the pit of your stomach, other signs and symptoms might include a racing heart, tightening muscles, deja vu, a flash of inspiration or that still small voice. In becoming more aware of your intuition, you will more readily trust your intuitive decisions.

And you can develop your intuition by being present in the moment and creating space for your intuition to push through. Alternatively, cast your mind back to previous occasions when you followed your heart. What were the outcomes?

My gut feeling is that you will have relied upon your intuition more often than you thought!

Thomas Chalmers is an executive coach who works with executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs. http://www.idealifeinternational.com

Michael Imani, Ph.D. is a mind/body expert who helps people succeed in life and business. He is a facilitator in executive coaching at the top-ranked Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. http://www.michaelimanicoaching.com

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