Monday, April 21, 2008

You Already Have Everything You Need by Melani Ward

Do you ever find yourself starting a sentence with "if only..."? Do you realize that just voicing those words, even if only in your head, can result in immediate negative energy in your body which then brings negative energy all around you?

That's because "if only" brings up feelings of lack and scarcity. What if instead you said "I have everything I need"? In fact, say it out loud...right now.

How did that feel? I bet it had a totally different impact on you energetically than even thinking about "if only". The fact is that most of us are already so rich in life. How much do you really need before you realize your cup is already full?

The simple truth is we have everything we need, many of us just don't see it.

One of the biggest obstacles that get in people's way is that they think they have to go "get" things before they will really have what they need. But, you already have it within you. You just have to find the way to bring it out of you. Trust me when I say you already have it!

What's truly magical is that as soon as you start to realize it, you will notice it everywhere and the level of gratitude that will fill your heart will be astounding. And, as you fill your heart with more gratitude of what is already within you, more than you ever imagined will begin to flow in.

This week practice saying "I have everything I need" every time you find yourself wanting or feeling like you are lacking something and then pretty soon you'll trust yourself enough to really believe it.

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